Leading the industry legend, the new generation of Range Rover as a model

The Range Rover has always been its flagship model since its inception in 1970. Built on a luxury MLA-Flex electrification architecture, the new Range Rover is Jaguar’s first flagship model under JLR’s “reshaping the future” strategy. The new car integrates the minimalist aesthetics, the quiet cockpit and the perfect driving experience in one, innovative deduce the unique charm of the new modern luxury.
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The amazing spirit of innovation is perfectly reflected in the design concept of the whole new Range Rover, which combines the classic body design and the minimalist concept, with the proportions, surfaces and lines, creating a unique charm of honor and new modern luxury for the whole new Range Rover. The headlights use a black bright panel, strengthening a more powerful overall appearance. The modern minimalist and elegant design running through the beginning and end and the iconic three consecutive body lines everywhere reflect the combination of Land Rover inheritance and innovation. The personalized design of the body lines and the smooth and coherent body vision everywhere highlight the Land Rover’s clever thinking of details.
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In addition to the standard four-wheel steering system, electronic air suspension system, and active rear electronic differential lock and torque vector distribution system, the all-new Range Rover model extension model is upgraded with adjustable dynamic mode and all-terrain mode. In addition, as a masterpiece of the Land Rover brand, the second generation of intelligent all-terrain feedback adaptation system is favored by users. The system has eight driving modes, which can automatically adjust the chassis system according to the road conditions, and reduce the driver’s operation burden.
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Shape SUV market segment wind direction, through pioneering engineering technology and forward-looking innovation, accompany users to explore more than the whole new generation of Range Rover with breathtaking new modernism and the strong performance, once again lead the luxury full floor.
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Post time: Dec-13-2022